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7 Spooky VR Puzzle & Escape Room Games for the Oculus

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VR headsets have come an impressively long way from where they were 5 years ago and now there are titles that are as realistic as movies. Thanks to game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, hardware by Meta (aka Oculus) and backend cloud companies like echo3D, these improvements are happening more often and with significant results.

Being challenged and scared are big parts of the allure for many gamers. For many, the scarier and harder a game is, the more engaging it is for the player. Of course, being scared is not for everyone but if being relentlessly terrified while solving puzzles, escaping from treacherous circumstances and raising your heart rate are your definition of a fun night in, then look no further.

Check out these 7 escape room puzzle games available on any of the Oculus Quests.

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1. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

This famous franchise keeps delivering terrifying and challenging experiences. Although it’s available on 2D consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the VR version of course is much more immersive which is an absolute treat for people that enjoy being scared. This experience is a mix of classic and original mini-games from the FNAF universe. Each game is a puzzle that requires solving whether it’s repairing an animatronic before it comes to life, repairing a claustrophobic ventilation system or working night time security. Players can choose sitting or standing but perhaps sitting is safer, you know, what with all the startling murderous animatronics suddenly appearing.

2. A Rogue Escape

With majority of its reviews lingering at 5 stars, this artful escape room game is a major thrill. Upon first impression, this feels like a darker and more mechanical version of I Expect You To Die. Ethereal lighting is baked into scenes and the player is left fending for themselves with little help and guidance. The nuanced clues are what’s going to help the player evade capture after stealing a giant crawling mech called Nauticrawl. There are 5 major control centers within the mech the player must master in order to make it out and escape with the Nauticrawl.

3. Dreadhalls

There’s nothing that screams Halloween horror more than being trapped in a dungeon. In Dreadhalls, that’s where the story takes place and it’s up to the player to find their way out. Sadly, there are not a lot of tools the player can use so with their sharpened senses they must rely on their courage, stealth and determination. There are minimal mechanics so the player can focus on the environment and their escape plan. A faint guiding light is perhaps the biggest clue for the player. They have the option to sit, stand or play in roomscale. This experience is certainly one of the scariest so please proceed with caution. If you’re squeamish about small spaces, we suggest avoiding this game altogether…unless you’re up for a challenge.

4. The Twilight Zone VR

The Twilight Zone did not disappoint with this escape room experience. Players have three various stories they can play through: a video game director that comes to terms with workplace cruelty, an apocalypse survivor facing mysterious phantoms on their search for signs of life and a science fiction writer trying to beat the clock and save himself from an alien vessel. Players have to rely on stealth, shooting, escape mechanics and startling visuals to get through the game. They are welcome to play standing, sitting or in roomscale. Naturally, The Twilight Zone took escape rooms and spun them into mini stories further immersing the player in what feels like the actual series but this time, they get to be the main character.

5. Last Labyrinth

This title is not for the faint of heart and some may say the gameplay takes violence against children too far. The player is supposed to guide a young girl to help the main player escape their restraints in a wheel chair, so naturally the game is meant to be played sitting down. If the player messes up, the young girls fate is fatal. If the young girl dies, then the player also dies. There is a lot of variety when choosing puzzles ranging from a rope puzzle to simple escape room puzzles like sliding disks into their respective places. The game does not have a set ending so finding tips and tricks online beforehand may not be as helpful as a game with a defined ending.

6. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

With a whopping 94% 5 star reviews of over 11,500 ratings, this game is a must play. This thrilling escape room game relies heavily on history and archaeology, taking place in the early 1900s. A well known Egyptologist goes missing and it’s up to the player to try to help locate them. Explore cryptic places, tinker with unfamiliar gadgets, enter ethereal worlds and keep an eye out for clues. This is the second installment of the original experience: The Room, but with a different story that stands on its own. Players can experience the stunning environments sitting or standing.

7. Please, Don’t Touch Anything

This cryptic brain-swelling puzzle game takes place in seedy environments and escalates to scary and threatening. The player covers for their coworker’s bathroom break but suddenly everything changes. There’s a mysterious console and a green screen showing previews of an unknown city live. There’s a red button that antagonizes the player with signs repeatedly telling them not to touch anything. What will happen if the player presses the button, and how many times? There are frightening consequences if the player is in the wrong place at the wrong time. They must search for clues, tools and buttons to solve riddles and trigger explosions. The game is deceptively complex and has 30 unique puzzle endings. Press the button and find out what happens.

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