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7 Halloween-Themed Augmented Reality Games on iOS

AR games are a fantastic way to get into the Halloween spirit. Whether you’re a teenager that craves spooky action or an adult that misses the thrill of being a kid on Halloween, there is something in this list to bring you spooky joy. echo3D is excited at the future of augmented reality gaming and hopes to help optimize the development process so more AR games can be made.


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1. Zombies Everywhere!

Fight zombies in the real world or virtual environments as they try to come for you! There are other obstacles like dogs, ancient dead and more. Use weapons like a flame thrower, sniper rifle, a 44 Magnum, flame thrower, shotgun, mini gun and other damage-inducing weapons! The levels progressively get harder with shorter time between enemies appearing and more of them. As you kill more zombies, more weapons will unlock making the game and endless cycle of fun…and survival.

Credit: Useless Creations Pty Ltd

2. Pumpkin Basketball

Toss pumpkins into baskets like basketball. The game features spooky sound effects, realistic graphics, 3 difficulty levels, global and real time leaderboards, multiple bins, coin bonuses, different pumpkins and fun spooky effects!

Credit: Spooky House Studios

3. Ghost Blasters 2

Use your laser beam to shoot ghosts and extract their energy! Prove that you’re worthy of joining the Ghost Blasters Team and fight all the ghosts bringing chaos to the world. There are a ton of different ghosts to shoot that can make you work hard to survive, prepare to sweat! You can upgrade your weapons and traps depending on how many ghosts energies you capture and rank online among your competition.

Credit: Scale-1 Portal

4. Pumpkin Popper-AR

This simple but charming pumpkin themed game is an AR game that turns your world into an interactive game. Pumpkins magically appear in AR and you have to pop the pumpkins and dodge the ones that get thrown back at you to avoid getting hurt! The pumpkins come in orange, green and blue. Sounds easy until the boss pumpkins appear as the game progresses. They have no fear and will throw pumpkins and pumpkin guts back at you in retaliation! Bonus points for popping the witches hats.

Credit: Steeple Technologies, Inc

5. Augmented Halloween

This augmented reality game gives you the thrill of a haunted house in the real world. There are five ghoulish areas that include bats, lightning, thunder, heavy rain, fireflies, ghost pirates, an interactive pumpkin patch, soundtracks and sound effects an an amazing AR cemetery the size of a football field. Now you can enjoy a fully immersive experience through your phone with AR.

Credit: Animate Objects

6. Halloween Candy Tracker

This fun game lets you search for candy in your house and outside while presenting obstacles like giant spiders and ghosts that want to steal your candy.a There are 100 levels and the tracker is ready to scan 100 places and find all the candy for you. To fend off the monsters, throw gummy bears at them to scare them! For some reason, they really don’t like gummy bears.

Credit: John D Gauchat

7. Horror Me AR

This simple and highly detailed experiences uses ARKit and TrueDepth to become a dozen horror characters and share personalized messages to friends and family, post to social media or save them to your camera. There are 52 fun and terrifying face shapes to pick from that match your facial expressions as you change them. There are 13 unique characters to pick from.

Credit: Jason Brennan

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